Pupils in second class had a games workshop where they explored games such as: Sharks and Islands, Cups and Saucers, Pass the Hot Potato and Cowboys and Robbers.

3rd class got the opportunity to practice some of the ball skills learned last week when they continued their games strand today for their first PE lesson of Active Schools Week 2019. This began with a warm-up activity of "Chinese Boxing" and was then followed by station activities where they had to practice throwing the ball through a hoop, kicking goals, dribbling etc Great fun was had by all.

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In the past term, the Junior Infants have been working on the Gymnastics strand while also developing the fundamental movement skill of walking. We focused on learning three types of rolls - the pencil roll, sausage roll and egg roll. We worked on a number of balances. We used everything we learned over the block to put together simple sequences. This was a great opportunity for the children to work in small groups and to showcase their developments.

The children have been working hard towards receiving our Active School flag. We take regular movement breaks and rainy day breaks. Look at us dancing!

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on the Atlethics strand with a special focus on the fundamental movement skill of running.

GAMES in 3rd class

For the month of May 3rd class will be concentrating on the Game Strand of the PE curriculum as well as the Fundamental Movement Skill of Striking with an implement.

This began straight after the Easter Holidays with the "On The Spot" game from Move Well, Move Often which was followed by activities from the PSSI lessons including ball skills such as the bounce pass and the chest pass.





6th Class Rolling In Gymnastics

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