5th and 6th class were practising Athletics in which they participated in team relays in small groups and explored the various ways of jumping, to include taking off from one foot and landing on two feet.

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Walking, jogging or running over distance

Children in 5th and 6th class practising a Jog or run in a non-competitive setting for periods of about  5 minutes. We are adding our laps to complete a marathon over time.

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Pupils in second class had a games workshop where they explored games such as: Sharks and Islands, Cups and Saucers, Pass the Hot Potato and Cowboys and Robbers.

Our PE Strand for September & October is Games. We are also focusing on the Fundamental Movement skills of Catching & Kicking. 


Before we began the block of lessons, three target pupils were assessed to find out their skill level for throwing. This was done by teacher-observation using the assessment sheet below:

3rd class got the opportunity to practice some of the ball skills learned last week when they continued their games strand today for their first PE lesson of Active Schools Week 2019. This began with a warm-up activity of "Chinese Boxing" and was then followed by station activities where they had to practice throwing the ball through a hoop, kicking goals, dribbling etc Great fun was had by all.

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