November/December 2019: Dance

FMS: Balance, Skipping


As part of their Creative Dance Block in PE, 3rd class have been moving around at different levels - low, medium and high.

Here they are doing their best to run at a low level!

They have been making shapes using these levels too and encorporating these into dance moves


6th Class were practising developing the over-arm throw from a standing position, using a tennis ball. 

The children peer assessed each other to see if they could do the fundamental movement skill a the teaching points of throwing or if they needed practice in areas.




3rd Class Hallowe'en Stations

3rd class did some great Hallowe'en-themed station activities as part of their PE lesson on October 24th. Some stations involved being spiders - crawling around on all fours, another was to collect as many (plastic) eyeballs as possible, another was to score as many 'ghouls' as possible in the given time. It was a great Hallowe'en-themed games activity.

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One of the warm-up activities was to play wizards and witches...


2nd Class enjoying running relays in atheltics in PE.  They children participated in group relays using saucer cones to develop simple technique. 

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Our PE Strand for September & October is Games. We are also focusing on the Fundamental Movement skills of Catching & Kicking. 


Before we began the block of lessons, three target pupils were assessed to find out their skill level for throwing. This was done by teacher-observation using the assessment sheet below: