Gymnastics for January & February

FMS: Jumping & Landing

Our PE strand for January and February is Gymnastics. 1st & 2nd will begin their swimming lessons (Aquatics) towards the end of the this block of PE. Pupils are already doing very well at performing rolls such as the pencil roll, the teddy bear roll and the egg roll.The Fundamental movement skills of Jumping and landing are also being incorporated for these two months.



6th were practisng a fundamental movement skill -jumping for distance. This skill is also part of our Gymnastics strand for January and Febraury.

The children explored jumping for distance. The children jumped from a standing position with both feet.The childen explored various ways of jumping .The children practiced jumping from one foot to another and they were able to reach a longer distance each time.

The childen have developed a better understanding and appreciation of jumping in athletics through describing and discussing movement and asking and answering questions about it. The children also gained a better understanding of speed, strength, control and coordination,

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6th Class were practising developing the over-arm throw from a standing position, using a tennis ball. 

The children peer assessed each other to see if they could do the fundamental movement skill a the teaching points of throwing or if they needed practice in areas.




November/December 2019: Dance

FMS: Balance, Skipping


As part of their Creative Dance Block in PE, 3rd class have been moving around at different levels - low, medium and high.

Here they are doing their best to run at a low level!

They have been making shapes using these levels too and encorporating these into dance moves


2nd Class enjoying running relays in atheltics in PE.  They children participated in group relays using saucer cones to develop simple technique. 

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