All pupils from Junior Infants to sixth class are participating in active breaks everyday. This can vary from activities on to using the class active break spinner to choosing an activity from a pot of activities. Some classes choose to go outside and use the Active Walkway for an active break.




6th class acted as school yard leaders and organised games for juniors - 2nd class. Great fun had by all.

Members of our 'Active School Committee' in 3rd -6th organise yard zones for their class one lunch break in the week. They use P.E. equipment: hula hoops and skipping ropes. They zone their area using cones.

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It's the run-up to Christmas and everyone in our school has begun the "12 Days of Fitmas" which we do each morning at 10 a.m. This is a series of exercises that is added to each day, so on the first day we did one exercise, on day two we did that one and added a new one etc so by day 12, we will be doing 12 exercises consecutively!

12Days of Fitmas presentation


Pupils in first and second class enjoy weekly yoga sessions through Go Noodle. They are very good at their warrior 1 and warrior 2 positions!

Hallowe'en Active Break


3rd class were delighted to do their active break in their Hallowe'en costumes!