There was lots of physical activity in second class earlier this year when they began preparing the raised beds and had to clear out all of the weeds and unwanted vegetation.

Our yard games made a great return on the first week after the Easter Holidays. 5th and 6th class pupils had a very successful session with Junior Infants - 2nd class on Wednesday setting up obstacle courses for them in different areas of the playground. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the pupils.




In the run-up to the Christmas holidays, all classes participated in the "12 Days of Fitmas" each morning. The Active school commitee made video clips of the exercises with Mr Kelleher and he put together a power point that the teachers used in the classroom each day. Day one started with 30 seconds of jumping jacks and a new 30 second activity was added each day. It was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by both teachers and pupils.

In February/March the whole school took on the "Climb the Heights" challenge for skipping. This was a great challenge and all children thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Every day at 10am in second class, just before fruit break, pupils in second class do ten or more exercises as part of their quest to be healthy for life. This daily routine teaches the boys and girls that movement, exercise and cardio work all contribute towards their overall fitness. Sometimes we follow this activity with one minutes breathing and calming of our minds.


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