We were delighted to begin a six week block of rugby with Neilus from Bruff Rugby Club on Tuesday, September 25th. Neilus will spend time with each class every Tuesday. Day 1 was full of fun and games and thoroughly enjoyed by all!


Pupils in 2nd class really enjoyed the athletics workshop where their running skills were developed along with their awareness of pace. 


We were delighted to welcome back Ollie Coffey GAA GDA for our area on March7th. Essential skills such as the hand pass, roll lift, striking and much more are being practised in fun drills. He even gave some activity homework!



Limerick Sports Partnership running programme

2nd and 3rd classes were very lucky to have Liam Cantwell from Limerick Sports Partnership working with them each Friday for the five weeks preceding the Easter Holidays. The children played many fun games to increase their running ability. The games varied from sprinting to running at ease to jogging. It was great preparation for any child wishing to participate in the Children's Great Limerick Run on May 4th. For the final session, they ran two circuits of Bruree sportsfield which measures approx 1600m...Well done!


The children in 5th and 6th Class, in groups, asked all the children in the school which club they are in. They kept tally of the data and displayed their resutls on a bar graph chart. The children are involved in many different clubs in the locality.