Active Schools Week Day 4

Day Four of Active Schools Week was another activity filled day with all classes participating in our "Mad Marathon" as well as Irish Dancing classes. Besides that, 3rd class did a fun orienteering activity, 5th/6th class played a modified version of Bull Dog and Senior Infants had great fun with the parachute. 








3rd class handed in their Active Homework sheets on Friday - they got to choose what Active Homework they would like to do each day from a table of suggestions and they coloured the activities completed Tuesday in yellow, Wednesday in green and Thursday in blue. Here is just one example of many that made a super effort for Active Schools Week Active Homework.



Active Schools Week Day 3

Hard to believe it's day 3 of Active Schools Week already and what a busy day it was!

  • All classes continued their "mad marathon" 
  • 5th class organised yard games at break time for Junior to 2nd class
  • Juniors used the parachute for fun activities in the afternoon
  • 4th - 6th class were very lucky to have Adrian, parent of a 3rd class pupil do a games workshop
  • 3rd class continued their Games stations








Active Schools Week 2019 - Day 2

Today was another busy, acivity filled day. Juniors and Seniors got a great treat this morning when Margie, a parent of a pupil in 6th class came to do a Zumba class with them. This was something totally new for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed it.






All classes continued with the "mad marathon"; Ms O' Dea has measured a route around the perimeter of the school yard that is 250m so most classes used that today to run a combined 14.5km! Well done everyone.

Third class after their "Mad Marathon" today.

Second Class warm-up before their run today


5th/6th class had a great afternoon completing an orienteering activity - this was a fun but challenging activity

click here to see video

 The 5th & 6th contiued running laps of the field to collectively complete a marathon. They also continued playing their camogie/hurling lunchtime tournament thanks to Mr. Kelleher. 

Seniors already have their shoes lined up for tomorrow's "Mad Marathon"....looking forward to day three already!








Pupils in 2nd class have created an eight step daily exercise routine in advance of their morning run. 


Active Schools Week May 7th - 10th 2019

We were delighted to be able to celebtrate this week in our school. The Active Committee helped Mr. Kelleher inform the classes about Active Schools Week on Friday, May 3rd and also helped with the Active School Week notice board. 

Day 1:

We got off to a great start with all classes participating in the "mad marathon"; Despite the inclement weather, all classes managed to do at least one lap of the field or school yard. One lap is equated to 1KM and by the end of the week we hope to have at least one "mad marathon" accumulated. 




We were delighted to welcome Micheál & Niamh, parents of pupils in Senior Infants & 5th class. They did fitness classes with 1st - 3rd class. The pupils had great fun while developing their fitness and particularly their core skills.





3rd class finished their (Very active) first day of Active Schools Week with a stations lesson as part of their Games strand in PE. This was preceded by a warm-up of "Chinese Boxing"!!

Click here to see some photos/videos!