Pupils in second class enjoy games with rules as part of their daily Aistear session.

Board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Bingo and Connect 4 give pupils lots of opportunities to come together in small groups to follow instructions and co-operate.

Pupils love to explore different designs using tangrams during Aistear time in second class.



Aistear takes place every day in second class. Pupils partake in different activities such as junk art using re-cycled materials, creative play using playdough, small world play by building cities etc and construction using K-Nex, blocks and other 3-D stackable shapes. So many learning opportunities and experiences come into these daily play sessions including the development of social and communicative skills, understanding turn-taking, measures and shape in maths and general spatial awareness.

Pupils have so much fun while at the same time learning so much through these daily, hands-on play sessions.