5th/6th One Point Perspective Art

Taking inspiration from the works of Leonardo da Vinci and his contribution to added dimension and perspective, the children created their own One Point Perspective Drawing, using a horizon line and a vanishing point.

We discussed form and shape 2D and 3D. We developed an awareness of line and form , rhythm, pattern and space. We focused on vertices and edges and parallel and perpendicular lines in our drawings.

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Fabric & Fibre

3rd class were discussing healthy eating and created a "Healthy Plate" using various fabrics and materials to add texture to their pictures. Click on the image to see an album of the work.

Healthy Eating Textured Pictures

Picasso Inspired Art in Second Class

Pupils is second class were reading all about the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. Here are some of their very imaginative portraits in the style of Picasso.



3rd class learend about the famous artist Gaudi and saw some of the wonderful work that he did with mosaics, particularly in Barcelona. They used the popular motifs in Gaudi's work - the lizard and the sun to create their own mosaic pictures inspired by his work.




Ice-Cream Fun in Second Class

Pupils in second class mixed paint, glue and shaving foam to make these lovely summer creations.