Abstract art using a ruler - Second Class

Pupils in second class incorporated the use of their ruler into art class.

Mountain Landscapes in 3rd class

Third class were learning about mountains recently, and learned to draw a mountain landscape from a YouTube tutorial - click on the album to see the wonderful results!

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Second Class Fabric & Fibre

Second class showed wonderful imagination with this art activity. They used scraps of fabric and fibre to create pictures of hot air balloons, hammocks and flowers. 

TLC-Team Limerick Cleanup Valentine's Competition

Five classes in our school participated in the recent Valentine's Competition run by TLC-Team Limerick Clean-up. Each class had to decorate a heart with recycled/recyclable materials and keeping the Love Limerick/Cleanup theme in mind. Have a look at the great work done by the children:

Junior Infants


Senior Infants


Third Class

Fifth Class

Sixth Class

African Pots - Second Class

Pupils in second class have been exploring lots of facts about Africa and even learned a song about a journey to Morocco. As part of their art activities they have taken some clay pots they made last month and decorated them with an African theme. The method they used was pointillism.