Junior Infants - Christmas Art

The Junior Infants have been very busy making lots of wonderful Christmas and Winter Arts and Crafts.



Art with Rose

Children in 3rd & 4th have begun an art project with Rose Hanley. This will be a three week project. In week 1 they got the opportunity to draw from observation and from their imagination. They got to use pencil on paper and then transfer their work to black paper using oil pastels. They then also got the opportunity to use Indian ink to create a picture inspired by their initial drawing from observation. This observation was done in the school garden where there is a lovely bed of wild flowers, that many of the children used as their inspiration.




Week 2 of the project saw great progress with children painting their pictures onto the slate after sketching the outline with chalk. They used acrylic paint and took Rose's advice to begin with the background colour and larger areas of colour and to let the finer detail until week 3.



On the third week, Rose reiterated how important it was to put in the finer detail and that paying attention to detail and taking time over the project gives a better end-product....and there were many beautiful pieces...Here is just a selection...







3rd class painting

Third class were responding to various artists such as Van Gogh and Monet and "extended"  these paintings, learning about mixing colours to correspond with the pictures...here are some examples


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Second Class Diorama Designs

Second Class Art – Construction / Fabric and Fibre / Paint & Colour / Drawing:

Pupils in second class have been very busy creating dioramas based on the theme of Sa Bhaile. The project commenced in early February when pupils had to visualize their designs and then a lesson was spent putting their design concepts on paper and discussing in groups their ideas.

A brainstorming session took place where pupils explored suitable materials to be used in their designs. Links were made to house plans already completed earlier in the year, the efficient use of space, safety and furnishings. Discussions about energy saving and insulation also took place.

Finally pupils had a looking and responding session on completion of the project where they discussed what they enjoyed about the project as well as the challenges they faced in their constructions i.e. the management of time and their wish to have developed extensions onto the room. Pupils had a question and answer forum where we explored the contents of each diorama and the reason for the chosen materials etc.

A wide selection of rooms were created from dream bedrooms, sitting rooms and kitchens. Pupils used a variety of re-cycled materials in their shoebox creations including egg cartons for beds, carpet and fabric remnants for rugs, used foil candle holders for spotlights, lollipop sticks for shelves and coloured sweet wrappers for stained glass windows.

Overall the general feedback highlighted that pupils loved this project and are now planning one based on our studies of China or the 1916 Easter Rising!!!!






Second Class Valentine's Day cards


Pupils in second class designed their Valentine's Day cards with a lovely acrostic on the front cover. LOVE was the acrostic and words such as lovable, open arms, very kind and everlasting were some of the thoughtful words explored.