Second Class Valentine's Day cards


Pupils in second class designed their Valentine's Day cards with a lovely acrostic on the front cover. LOVE was the acrostic and words such as lovable, open arms, very kind and everlasting were some of the thoughtful words explored.



Second Class Valentine's Day crafts

Valentine's Crafts - Construction & Fractions

Pupils in second class were doing fractions in maths during February and this transferred into their craft work for Valentine's Day where they made gift boxes for their loved ones and divided the lids of their gift boxes into quarters. They discussed folding in each quarter flap to seal the box and it was topped with a ribbon.

5th Class Drawing,Paint and Colour

5th Class enjoyed creating 3D Hand Illusions using line and colour.

Senior Infant Art

Senior Infants were busy constructing with the polyhedron set and blocks...



Africa Studies in Second Class


As part of our studies on Ethiopia throughout January, pupils explored the typical types of accommodation, native animals, the daily routine of a typical family and the country facts / flags etc.