Our school was informed on Tuesday 17th March that we have been awarded the eTwinning label for the 2020-2021 school year. This is a great achievement for the school. Teachers from 3rd - 6th classes are involved in a collaborative eTwinning project with a school in Spain for the 2019-2020 school year. Many projects have been undertaken by classes in the school in the past three-four years. eTwinning provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers to work collaboratively both in the school and with colleagues throughout Europe and beyone. It also provides a wealth of opportunities for children involved to have an audience for their work and to engage with peers from around the continent.



As part of their eTwinning project with their partner school in Alicante, pupils in 3rd class prepared a presentation of the legend of Setanta. They listened to the story, created illustrations of many scenes from the story and then retold it in their own words. They used the Book Creator app to photograph their illustrations and type in their words for the story. They have now shared their creation with their eTwinning partners and have been reading a Spanish legend prepared by the Spanish pupils.

The Junior Infants have been taking part in an e-twinning project with children in Malta. The project is all about using bee-bots to retell and sequence stories. Our story for the month of February was 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We read the story and did some activities based on the story such as drama and art. We then used our bee-bots to retell and sequence thestory. We documented the activity and send pictures to our friends in Malta.

eTwinning with Alicante: Multi-class project in 3rd - 6th class

Update 13/12/19

We were very excited when a large package from Spain arrived in the post on Thursday, 12th December. It was our Christmas cards from Alicante. Coincidentally our cards arrived in Spain on the same day!


Update 10/12/19

3rd class have been busy tell their eTwinning partners about Christmas traditions in Ireland and created this presentation...

Christmas Traditions in Ireland (Click on link to view)


They have also been telling their eTwinning partners about some traditional foods in Ireland - here are some of the articles they wrote:


Update 4/12/19

Our Christmas cards are winging their way to Alicante! All Christmas cards, completed by pupils in 3rd - 6th class were boxed up today and posted. We're looking forward to receiving our cards from Alicante! Here are the children showing off their cards before they were sent:





Update 2/12/19

Pupils in 3rd-6th class are delighted to be involved in an eTwinning project with a school in Alicante, Spain. This project will last until the end of the school year and pupils have already exchanged letters and are busy preparing Christmas cards to send to their eTwinning partners. There are also plans to send each other some Carol singing and music before Christmas. Here are 3rd class showing off letters they received in the last few weeks.

IMG 9688


3rd class had a great opportunity recently when CB Media visited the classroom to record a video about their eTwinning Christmas card project. It was a great experience for the children to see the cameraman in action as well as learning how to look into the camera when speaking. Click here to see the video.