3rd class used their Green Screen to record their St. Patrick's Day greetings for their eTwinning project "Discovering Europe Through Children's Eyes".

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3rd class are now starting to focus on their 2nd etwinning project of the year: "Discovering European countries with Children's Eyes". This project involves over 50 schools throughout Europe. They will present Ireland, its cultures and our school to the other participants & will in turn learn about other European countries through the projects presented. They have already started working on their presentation and have decided to perform their poem "Counties of Ireland" as an introduction, along with a tin-whistle performance of Amhrán na bhFiann. They, along with their teacher are experimenting with "green screen technology" & an app called "DoInk" to create this presentation - the screen behind the children is made from green crepe paper and the images are projected onto the green screen afterwards! This is similar to how to Weather Forecast is presented by meteoroogists from Met Eireann after the news on RTE!


Cllick here to see their video!



The 3rd class etwinning project entitled "European Day of Languages - Short Project- I've GotA Frog in My Throat" has been award a national quality project by Léargas. This project was a collaboration between schools around Europe based on idioms.



In the 2016/2017 school year 3rd & 4th class participated in an etwinning project entitled "Ireland & France - an exchange of place, culture & stories". This involved creating a presentation about the locality, the school and Ireland and exchanging it with the school in Le Gavre, France. At Chrismtas, the children exchanged handmade Christmas cards. In January, the children prepared a presentation about a legend from their country and exahanged it. They sent each other cards at Easter. Towards the end of the year the classes recorded performances of singing, music & dance and sent them to each other. In June, the classes did a Skype video call where they 'met' each other and asked some questions about their school life. It was a very interesting project in which to be involved and is a a fun way for children to learn about other cultures. The project was awarded a National Quality label from Léargas, the governing body for etwinning. The awards were presented on November 28th in Dublin Castle. Mts Murnane, project co-ordinator was delighted to attend the Leargas Forum to accept the award.