Exciting times in 3rd class...pupils were busy writing a postcard to each of the 37 participant schools in their eTwinning project "Postcards From Afar". Pupils made flags of each of the participating countries to decorate the eTwinning notice board and there has been great excitement when each new card arrives. 



We have already strated working on this year's eTwinning projects - 3rd class have signed up for two projects so far: A Postcard to Go Far & Christmas Cards Project 2018. In the first project, a group of 33 schools from throughout Europe will exchange postcards with each other. This is sure to be very exciting for the pupils - learning about children & their schools from around Europe as well as getting the opportunity to tell those children about our school and Ireland. Pupils have already been busy using their Atlases to find the flags of the countries participating in the project.

3rd class used their Green Screen to record their St. Patrick's Day greetings for their eTwinning project "Discovering Europe Through Children's Eyes".

CLick on the pictures to hear the greetings



The 3rd class etwinning project entitled "European Day of Languages - Short Project- I've GotA Frog in My Throat" has been award a national quality project by LĂ©argas. This project was a collaboration between schools around Europe based on idioms.