Trip to Mary Immaculate College for Science Week 2019

3rd class were very lucky to be invited to Mary Immaculate College on November 20th 2019. They did a science workshop while they were there. This was a great opportunity to write a recount as all pupils have been concentrating on writing recount since September. On their return to school after the trip, they used a writing framework to plan a story about the trip, they then wrote the story using this plan. Once they had their story written, they passed it to a peer for some 'peer-assessment' - checking each others' work for punctuation, grammar and content. Their teacher, Mrs. Murnane then read the draft stories and made some suggestions on improvig their stories. All pupils then wrote a 'final draft' of their stories which are displayed outside their classroom. They then got the opportunity to use Google Docs in Google Classroom to type their stories.

One girl even went to the bother of creating a presentation using her Google Classroom account!