Third class did some collaborative writing recently. First of all they worked in pairs to come up with a thesis that they felt they could support with arguments. Each pair then joined with another pair to form groups of four where they discussed their ideas and agreed on one topic per group. They then had to think of arguments to support their main idea and write a conclusion at the end. Here are the results: 
Title: Why people should pay attention in school for a better later life.
Overview: We believe that paying attention in school will help with your life as an adult.
  1. People should pay attention in school because we will get a good job and get on in life;
  2. We will be smart and would get the majority of jobs;
  3. We will have better knowledge of subjects.
You’ll be smart and you’ll get a good job and you’ll be good at the subjects in your job by paying better attention in class.
Title: Why don’t we have a playground in school
Overview: We think we should have playing objects on our school grounds.
  1. It would be great fun and would make you fit.
  2. You would have less chance of being hit by a ball when using playground equipment than when you are using the usual playground .
  3. Instead of playing games you don’t like, you could play in the playground.
Conclusion: We need a playground because it’s more fun and we would get fitter.
Title: Keeping Sugar Levels Low
Overview: We think that we should only have sweets on Fridays
  1. It is bad for your teeth if you have too much sugar,
  2. It’s healthier to limit sweets to one day.
  3. Swap some treats for healthy fruit or vegetables.
  4. If you limit treats to one day a week as a child, there is a good chance you'll also do this as an adult which will make you healthier.
Conclusion: Less sweets is better for your teeth and your health.
Title: Less Homework Will Do!
Overview: There is no need to get as much homework as we do.
  1. School is for work and home is for watching tv.
  2. There should be a limit of five items on the homework list.
  3. We should get less homework on Thursdays.
  4. We don’t need homework because we can learn online.
Conclusion: Less homework will do, we need our free time.
Title: cafeteria
Overview: We need a cafeteria in school because lunch boxes are too small and you could get more food in a cafeteria.
  1. It would be cheaper for parents if there was a cafeteria in the school, then they wouldn’t have to buy food for lunches.
  2. We could get healthier food.
  3. The teachers could also use the cafeteria.
Conclusion: A cafeteria would benefit pupils and teachers; it would save money for parents & provide healthy options, with a treat on Fridays.

Narrative 4 Inter generational Story Exchange

6th Class took part in a programme callled Narrative 4. Narrative 4 is a story exchange, an exercise in which individuals are randomly paried off and each shares a story that in some way defines them. Afterwards, each participant takes on the person of their partner in telling their partner's story in the first person.

The story exchange is based on the simple idea that by knowing the story of another, we are able to understand one another. Through listening and telling each other stories, we build empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

6th Class went to 'Friar's Gate' Theatre in Kilmallock to take part in an inter generational Narrative 4 with elderly.  It was a really enjoyable experience for all involved.




Pupils in second class wrote out the procedure involved in making a paper lantern and then went on to follow the instructions to make their own lantern.

Tongue Twister Fun -  Pupils in second class had great fun recently when they researched and recited a number of tongue twisters such as I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!


Second Class had a great time exploring the fantastic selection of books available in Kilmallock library.



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