STEM DAY with Robotics and ‘LearnIT IT’.

The children explored all of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, using a LEGO Education based workshop which gave the students the opportunity to become engineers, researchers, analysts, designers and more.

 The children worked in teams to build their LEGO robot by following step by step instructions with LEGO software on laptops. The children then used coding software to make their robot move. As the children reached a certain target and tested their projects, they progressed onto adding parts like sensors to react to colour on maze mats.

They used practical and hands-on approaches. The children learned to take measurements, analyse data, make predictions, solve problems and design solutions. 

The wining team with the highest points for 1. teamwork, 2. time and 3. accuary on the mat will compete with other shcools in the next workshop which will take place in Analog Devices Limerick. 

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