3rd class showed great imagination and creativity when building these bridges

1st & 2nd Class 2019 / 2020 - Pupils in first and second class really enjoyed the workshops we did on house plans / floor plans. We discussed blueprints and saw samples online and then we set about drawing the floor plan of our own home. Drawing to scale was also discussed and the importance of measuring.


The first activity of Science Week 2019 in 3rd class was to use marshmallows and spaghetti to make some constructions. Initially, they made some 2-D shapes, followed by 3-D shapes and then they were challenged to build the tallest tower possible that would stand independently!

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Engineers Week 5th Class: Design and Make a Boat

5th class enjoyed designing and making a boat. They disucssed boats and materials they are made of. The children could use any materials of choice esnruing to resuse and recycle material where possible.

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Pupils in 1st and 2nd class explored the different types of engineeering from aeronautical to civil/structural, mechanical to electronic and finally computer/software engineering. Pupils formed groups and worked in design teams for our bridge-building activities using spagetti and mini-marshmallows. Pupils completed the week by recycling a Food Dudes cardboard box to make an item from one of the categories of engineering. They made space shuttles, vehicles, computer gadgets as well as bridges and tunnels.

The pupils also explored an engineer from history each day during Engineers Week. Day 1 was John Holland, Day 2 was Judith Resnick, Day 3 was Isambard Kingdom Brunel and finally they found out all about Karl Benz. We had a great week !