Feb 2019

3rd class looked at pictures of the surface of the moon and also at pictures of NASA's lunar rover. They saw the features necessary such as satellite, wheels, good suspension and found out that the steering wheel is shaped like a T. THey were then given the task to draw their version of a moon vehicle that they could make using recyclable items. THe designs and end products were amazing! Here are just a few...





3rd class looked at some of the the main types of bridges such as truss, beam and suspension and learned about the materials used as well as the shapes in the design that makes them stronger. They made some great sketches of these bridges:



They were then set the challenge to design a bridge out of straws that would hold up a tin of tomatoes! This was not an easy task. They used the STEM process - in their teams they discussed the type of design they would like to make; they then drew a sketch of their design and did their best to build it to look like the design. They then tried it out to see if it worked, and if it didn't they went back and made changes to the design and altered the structure. While the end products were not as aesthetically pleasing as they might have liked, the children really enjoyed working as engineers- designing, making, altering and remaking!






6th enjoyed making a marble run during Engineer's week 2019. The children  reused materials and recyclable materials. 

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Pupils in second class explored structural and civil engineering as part of Engineers Week 2019 by designing buildings and bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows.