In term two, the Junior Infants learned the 3d shapes -sphere, cylinder, cube and cuboid. After we learned to identify and describe the shapes, we had an outdoor shape hunt. The Juniors were broken in groups of five and each group had an IPAD where they were given the task of exploring the school grounds and taking pictures of all the 3d shapes they could find.


6th celebrated 'Pi Day' on 14th March 2019. (3.14)

The children observed various circular shapes in the envrionment. e.g. hoola hoops, lids of various sizes, masking tape, sellotape, glue stick , p.e. cones. etc.

The children measured the approximate measurement of the circumference of the these curcular shapes using a string, then measuring the string against a measuring tape. They then measured the diameter of the smae circlar shapes. The children came to the conclusion that the circumference is always about 3 times the length of the diameter: hence 'pi'=3.14. the ratio of about 3:1

The children then invesetigated pi further by drawing circles in their copies using a compass and a ruler. In pairs they helped each other to measure the circumference the diameter using string and a ruler.

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5th class enjoyed a lovely Maths trail during Maths Week. The children worked in groups to complete various activities both inside and outside the school. The pupils used their measuring skills to calculate the size of our new yard along with the length of the school corridor. They also used their Maths eyes to find various examples of 2-D and 3-D shapes in the school environment along with other examples of number found around the school. Well done 5th class





3rd class logged onto the Scoilnet site to do some problem are some of the ones they tackled!


6th Class enjoyed  constructing traingles with a  given angle and lines of measurement. The children measured one of the lines with a ruler, then the children used that line as the base line to place their protracor on. They measured the angle needed and drew the other line to the correct measurement. The children then connected the lines on the other side to malke a triangle.


The Senior Infants have been taking part in weekly Maths stations.One of our recent stations was making patterns with coloured 3d shapes.