3rd class were learning about the ear and how sound travels in waves. As part of this, they learned the parts of the ear and they also did an investigation with rice on cling film. The rice began to 'dance' with there was a lot of sound nearby!



6th Class enjoyed exploring with magnets. The children learned about opposite poles attracting and similiar poles repelling. They explored the use of magnets to lift and hold objects. The children explored the strength of various magnets.The children investigated how magnets may be made. We rubbed a paper clip on a magnet several times until it became magetised and it was able to atract other paper clips. The children then progressed to making a simple compass.

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Our Solar System Craft 2019 - pupils in 1st and 2nd class were learning all about the different planets in our solar system. At the end of the week we created these lovely 3D crafts using shaving foam, glue and paint.