Strand: Energy and forces

Strand Unit: Light

Topic: Transparent or Opaque

Objectives –

The children will be enabled to –

  • Understand that some materials block out light and some let light through.
  • Understand the meaning of the words opaque/transparent
  • Identify what different traits opaque/transparent materials have
  • Understand that these materials will create shadows

We were learning about the words transparent and opaque and decided to test different materials to see if they were transparent or opaque. Before starting our tests we made some predictions. We recorded our predictions on a sheet and used to sheet to compare our results after. We hung an A3 sheet of black paper to our table to use as our background. We used the same sheet for each material to keep the test fair. We worked as a team to test the materials. One person held the material up in front of the black background and the other person held the torch to test it. The materials we tested were plastic, tin foil, crepe paper, kitchen paper, cardboard and felt.