5th+6th investigated if air has weight. We filled two the of the same balloons with approximately the same amount of air. We stuck each balloon to the either end of a meter stick and hung the meter stick with a string to balance the balloons. The stick remained steady and straight. 

We then busrt one of the balloons, letting all the air out. We could see that the weight of the other balloon weighed down the stick therefore proving that air has weight.

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The Junior Infants had been learning about the weather and the rain and we decided to try to make an umbrella for our teddy. We had to figure out what would be the best material to use for teddy's umbrella. We experimented to see what materials were waterproof. We learned that some materials would not be suitable because they soaked in the water and would make teddy very wet.

3rd class were investigating materials to see which would prevent damp rising - they tested kitchen paper, greaseproof paper, card and plastic. Before they carried out the test, they predicted that from worst to best the order would be: Kitchen paper, greaseproof paper, card, plastic. To keep the test fair, they tested the same size of material, used the same amount of liquid and the same number of sugar cubes. The card and greaseproof paper were surprisingly good at keeping the damp out but the plastic proved to be the best. Here are some photos of the experiments in progress: