The Clever Composters - First Class

Strand: Environmental awareness and care

Strand Unit: Caring for my locality

Topic: The Clever Composters

We were learning about composting in class and decided to take our own food waste out to the compost bin every day for a week. One of the compost bins had been given time to break down the food so we could see the healthy compost that was made from food waste. Unfortunately, we saw a yoghurt carton in the middle of the compost. The insects in the compost bin couldn’t break it down and that was bad for the rest of the compost. We decided to do something about this.

We wanted to help the rest of the children in school to learn how to compost properly. We decided we would start a composting club in our class. We came up with different names for our club and then voted on our favourite one. The winner was ‘The Clever Composters’. We had a competition to create a logo and poster for The Clever Composters. We created posters for the school and the classrooms to remind children what can and can’t go into the food waste bin. We practiced our speeches and went around to each classroom to teach them about composting. 5th and 6th class helped us out by getting new compost bins for each classroom We also made labels for the bins in every classroom so children wouldn’t get mixed up with each bin.

After a few weeks of practicing composting we decided to do classroom inspections to make sure that the children were practising composting. The   whole school did really well but we awarded certificates to Junior infants and fourth class because their bins were excellent. We are going to keep doing random inspections to make sure that everyone keeps working hard.

We also were very lucky to have ‘The Rubbish Monster’ play come to our school. It taught us all about recycling and rubbish. We are going to do our best to learn more about recycling in our class and sort our rubbish correctly.


5th and 6th Class were delighted to receive an award for their 'Design a Bottle' with @TLC_Limerick in the Hunt Museum Limerick.The theme promoted Environmental Awareness and Care .We reused materials that we had finished using in the classroom. i.e. bottles, bottle ends, bottle caps, sewing spools , fruit nets,left over paint and bubble wrap to create a beautiful flower scene. 

6th being presented with their prize by  theTLC  ambassadors: Mayor or Limerick James Collins, Paul O'Connell, Helen O'Donnell and JP McManus.