Children in 6th class enjoyed playing a friendly tag rugby tournament in Garryowen Rugby Club Limerick. They had the opportunity to practice the skills they learned in tag ruby P.E. sessions, which they had at the beginning of the year. click to see more images!

Rugby ,Thomond Park ,Limerick

5th and 6th Class boys were delighted to have had the oppportunity to play rugby in Thomond Park in April. Future Munster and Ireland Rugby players in the making!


Scrum Formations

Pupils in second class were introduced to scrum formations during their tag rugby sessions in February with Coach Ed Hennessey.

All classes enjoy rugby training with Darragh on a Monday morning




We started tag rugby training on Monday mornings with our rugby coach Ed Hennessey. He showed 2nd class to 6th class how to play tag rugby for when we ever played a match or blitz. After a few sessions Ed showed us how to play Leprechaun Rugby which is slightly different from the real game of rugby.


 It’s really fun and a lot of exercise for your body and on rainy days he brings us inside to play games like DONKEY and BOMB and to do squats, lunges and other drills.