Active April Week 3 and the 6th class are showing great responsibility and organisational skills with their yard games for junior classes on a Wednesday.


Active April week 3 Active April week 3 Active April week 3

For the month of April, we are promoting being active throughout the school. This began last week, when every classroom took on "10@10" - ten exercises at ten o' clock. Ms Cussen's class distribute a list of activities to each classroom on Monday morning outlining the exercises for the week. The children have been really enjoying these activities.

To see 10@10 in action click here!


Week two - April 16th - 20th saw the introduction of organised yard games as well as the 10@10! The 6th class, along with their teacher Ms Cussen organised games for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class & Second Class. The sixth class children showed great organisational skills with the younger children and the activities were throroughly enjoyed by all.




Mr Quaid organised a game for 3rd class, they had great fun!


Pupils in second class decided to start a daily routine of doing ten exercises at 10am every morning in an effort to keep our fitness up over the winter months and stay active despite the bad weather. 

Each day a name is drawn from our lucky dip jar of names and the chosen person is our coach for the fitness routine. They demonstrate the activity / movement they have chosen and then the whole class (including teacher!) have to do the task ten times.


All classes have had the chance to learn some rugby skills with Darragh every Monday for the past six weeks. This has been a great experience, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Sport is highly regarded in our school and we have many opportunities to engage with different codes, from Tag Rugby, camogie, football, hurling as well as general fitness as part of our P.E. programme. Children in 1st & 2nd classes have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons in the 2nd term of each year. Here are some action photos from our sporting activities:












We were delighted to welcome the Bruree team who won the Premier Intermediate County Hurling final in 2015