Third class have been learning about The Vikings and Scandinavia in the last few weeks. They are using digital tools to learn more about The Vikings and to present what they have learned. The class is in groups and each group has their own Padlet with a KWL chart where they began with recording anyinformation they knew about the Vikings already; they then discussed in their group what they would like to find out about them and recorded this in the W section. They then used a Padlet created by their teacher with links to useful sites about the Vikings. This helped them to learn more about the Vikings and to watch short presentations about them. They then recorded this information in the L section on their Padlet. 

They are then using this information to create a Prezi - a presentation about The Vikings. They are putting the finishing touches to these presentations and hope that they will be ready before St. Patrick's Day. Here you can see they are working hard!